1001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book

Is it the yuck-factor? The thrill of hunting for them? Or their weird teeny-tiny beauty? Whatever your reasons for being hooked on bugs, use this book to help you find more of them. Our buddies at Usborne have made it with their usual stunning detail. That means incredible artwork, sturdy stickers and tons of amazing facts. Stick in over 220 bright and beautiful stickers to make your own colourful bug album. Plus: spot 1001 bugs. Can you find the whole lot?

  • A fun and interactive way to learn about bugs
  • Over 1000 bugs to find and talk about
  • Match each sticker to the correct silhouette
  • Find out which bugs belong in which habitat

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    i have read this book i really like bugs my mum found it for me at the library.

    5 March 2015

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