The Duck Says

Totally quackers! Look behind this chatty duck. What do you see? A noisy trail of disaster! The duck loves to talk. But when he says ‘quack’, we say ‘uh-oh’. Now he’s on a high-speed chase round the farmyard. Why? What’s he got to say? The duck will tell you all about it. But first you’re going to have to laugh lots. Try to stay out of trouble. And just watch out for those bees! A super-funny riot of a book, bursting with giggles and surprises. If you like a good chuckle, the duck says ‘read this book’!

  • A bouncy rhyme full of slapstick giggles and wordplay
  • Follow the duck on his chaotic trail around the farm
  • Bright and expressive pictures full of visual jokes
  • A great way to get little ones enjoying words

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