Class Dismissed

No teacher! No lessons! Big fun..? When class 507’s teacher storms out, the kids get to take charge. Class 507 are TROUBLE – and Mrs Bryce can’t take it anymore. When she quits mid-lesson (without telling the school office), the kids are thrilled. Freedom at last! Kyle and his buddies can play games all day. Adam can doodle. Samantha reads magazines and gives out fashion advice. Even the brainiacs are happy. But as the year ticks on, keeping this BIG secret becomes even harder than fractions. Ask that cute hamster: can they make it through a whole teacher-free year without getting caught out?

  • A hilarious school comedy which blends reality and fantasy
  • Explores themes of friendship, trust and working together
  • Skilfully explores how different characters view school life
  • By the acclaimed author of The Pet War and Zachary Ruthless

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