The 100 meets The Martian! Three kids raised in space, on a deadly mission back to Earth… Leo might be human, but he’s no Earthling. He’s never even set foot on his home planet. He was born and raised with twins Orion and Libra on the Moon 2 Space Station. They’ve had a strange and unique childhood. But they’re not kids anymore. Now it’s time for the trio to make their first trip to Earth. It’ll be their first contact – with nature, with traffic, with other people. They’ve spent their lives in orbit, spinning around this hub of life. They know all the facts about it. Except how to survive there…

  • The brilliant new novel by the author of In Darkness
  • A powerful tale of homecoming, family, love and survival
  • Nick Lake is one of today’s most highly acclaimed YA writers
  • His books include Hostage Three and There Will Be Lies

“A novel of great beauty… The glories and wonders of space and science breathe through every line.” Bookbag

“Driven not by the plot but rather by an overwhelming sense of majesty. Every scene is awesome in the most reverent sense of the word.” Kirkus

Please note this book contains mature language and content more appropriate for older readers.

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  • Awards

    Nick Lake won the 2013 Michael L. Printz Award for In Darkness.

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