Funny Picture Books Pack x 4

Silly stories to turn you into a helpless blob of laughter. Have even more fun with books! Funny stories are healthy. Reading keeps your brain fit, and laughing is very good for you! So, in the grand tradition of Scholastic Book Clubs, our expert book selectors have rounded up the funniest fiction around. Just a few very special books made it into this pack, after reducing us all to spluttering blobs of mirth. Healthier than crunchy apples. Just what the doctor ordered. After all, you want to keep well, don’t you?

  • Fantastic funnies to get kids hooting with laughter
  • Focus on new books by fresh, up-and-coming talent
  • Hilariously cheeky, imaginative, colourful stories
  • A great way to show little ones that books are fun

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