Spy Case

Warning! This box contains top-secret plans, codes and gadgets. It must not fall into the wrong hands. Only YOU have been entrusted with its secrets. Only YOU have permission to look inside. All the spying secrets and cunning codes in here are strictly for your eyes only – while an invisible ink pen makes sure your messages stay that way! But with a fake ID and sunglasses for cool disguises and a night-vision gadget for every stake-out, who would ever track you down?

Box contains a 32-page spy handbook, secret codes book, periscope, mirrors, magnifying sheet, invisible ink pen, sunglasses, ID card and night-vision gadget.

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  • loved it

    this looks great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26 November 2011

  • loved it

    this case is so awsome that i have the book lcub for it and i found it on the internet

    28 October 2011

  • loved it

    i love spying so i thiink it will be really good all i have to do is get my parents to say yes fingers cross

    26 May 2011

  • loved it

    i have this and its great

    12 January 2011

  • loved it

    I’m getting mine at school that is ashfield junior school and it looks awesome.

    11 January 2011

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