All reviews for The Girls' Book of Friendship

  1. how do u read it??!

    5 August 2013

  2. i want to look inside

    9 June 2013

  3. liked it

    How do u read it

    20 July 2012

  4. LOVED IT SO MUCH GONNA READ IT 123456890 times

    10 March 2012

  5. loved it

    this book has lots of quizzes poems activaties and other things to do with your best friend

    3 March 2012

  6. loved it

    can you put (INSIDE) PLEASE

    2 February 2012

  7. loved it


    15 January 2012

  8. lllllloooooooovvvveeeeeeeeeeeeddd iiiiiiiittttttttt

    2 November 2011

  9. liked it

    hi everyoone i have read this book and i really enjoyed it. it’s quite a short book as i read it in a day! good if you want to make a new friend or make up with one. from phia3008 x

    3 June 2011

  10. loved it

    i really really wan’t to read this

    10 January 2011