Horrible Annuals Pair

For the strong-of-stomach only – a double dose of putrid peril, bubbling with nasty bits to make you groan with glee! Steer well clear unless you can handle a whole year of grim, gruesome, fantastically foul facts! Horrible human sacrifices. Rotten royal habits. Brutal bear-baiting and vile Victorian mills. The ocean’s ugliest fish, most poisonous insects, most distressing diseases, and hottest and coldest extremes. You ought to need a licence to learn about so very many terrible things – but which will be the nastiest of all? Only you can decide!

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  • Photo of Terry Deary

    Terry Deary

    Terry is a former actor, theatre-director and Drama teacher and currently lives in County Durham. He has written over 150 books in the UK, including 44 Horrible Histories titles, and was voted the fifth most popular living children’s author in a 2005 Guardian survey.


    Terry Deary won the 2001 Blue Peter Prize for Rotten Romans.

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