All reviews for 100% Gleek

  1. i like the film and the book.

    17 October 2013

  2. i love this so much

    6 March 2012

  3. This book is perfect for Glee fans who want to know all about the characters and the stars who play them. I’m a real gleek so this was perfect for me, and plus you get a free poster with it!

    2 March 2012

  4. I love glee and the glee project so this book should be good !!!

    18 August 2011

  5. i think that glee is sooooo coooool and i would loveeeee to read this book!!!!!

    21 July 2011

  6. loved it

    Glee is the best! I love these programs of glee! I’m a super gleek!

    17 March 2011

  7. liked it

    I Love Glee! So I will love this! Glee is AMAZING!!! I love the Glee cast! x

    16 March 2011

  8. liked it

    a must for glee fans

    3 March 2011

  9. liked it

    I loved this book when i got it i never put it down.But when i finished reading it i found another book to read!!

    1 March 2011