Goddess Girls: Aphrodite the Beauty

Aphrodite usually has all the boys at Mount Olympus Academy wrapped around her little finger. They’d do anything to get her attention! So she’s not prepared for how jealous she feels when her friend Athena has a makeover, and suddenly starts to attract the boys as well. Worst of all, Athena is being pursued by the dashing Ares, whom Aphrodite has a crush on herself! Soon the only boy who still wants to hang out with Aphrodite is Hephaestus, who’s a bit of a nerd. But when Hephaestus helps out with her godly duties, she learns that she doesn’t need to envy her friends, or waste her time on boys who don’t appreciate her! A modern spin on a Greek myth, which follows a goddess-in-training as she navigates the ins and outs of divine social life on Mount Olympus.

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