All reviews for Stella Etc. Pack

  1. I haven’t read it but it looks good

    5 February 2014

  2. These are lovely books to read, theyre awesome :D

    5 March 2013

  3. loved it

    I love this book because it has lots of book I have not read it before but it looks intresting!!:).

    28 November 2012

  4. loved it

    it sounds bril i can wait to read theese books. i can always rely on karen mcombie for a really good read!!!

    6 October 2012

  5. loved it

    i toatly love this book its so cool. Wish i had that book at home so i can read it again,again,Again!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))))))))))

    15 June 2012

  6. sound like really good books

    6 March 2012

  7. I just have to read these books sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

    6 February 2012

  8. i will read this book i think its no no but i wish it will be good for me and it will come to kuwait (im ordering it)

    24 January 2012