All reviews for Don't Call Me Ishmael

  1. liked it

    it really good

    6 March 2014

  2. a great reading book about life and it’s problems

    2 March 2012

  3. loved it

    I loved this book because it was about ‘Manning Up’ to bullies not necessarily in a aggressive way but in a more honest way. Throughout the book I personal as a reader have seen Ishmael’s confident grow I think this is all down to Scobie.

    Anyways I can not wait to need the next book in the series ‘Ishmael and the return of the Dugongs’ so thumbsz up (Y.

    Now i’m reading ‘War Horse’ P.S This book is like ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’ without the drawings… So yeah read it, it’s amazing. =]

    19 February 2012