The Viking Sagas: A Bracelet of Bones

“Will you swear to take me?”

One morning in 1063, Solveig wakes to find her father gone. Halfdan, a Viking mercenary, means to travel to Constantinople and join the Viking Guard of Empress Zoe. But when he goes, he breaks his promise to take his daughter with him. So Solveig resolves to follow him, all the way from Norway to the breathtaking city known as the Jewel of the East. Setting off in a tiny boat, she travels along the Baltic and through the rivers of Russia to the Black Sea. On her voyage, she encounters Viking traders, arrow-storms, a ghost-ship and a Russian king. She witnesses a human sacrifice, narrowly escapes being sold as a slave, and sees the clashes between her her own Norse people and the new Christians. Will she live to reach Constantinople in freedom – and will she ever see her father again?

“Brilliantly compelling.” Financial Times

“Sweeps the reader away on a vivid voyage of adventure.” Times

“Kevin Crossley-Holland is one of the giants of children’s fiction.” Philip Reeve

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  • I want 2 read this so badly

    7 March 2012

  • im dying to read it

    6 March 2012

  • This book astounded me – it is gripping, breath-taking and incredibly moving. The plot was fast and amazing, the characters brilliant. Perfect.

    5 March 2012

  • Bracelet of Bones by Kevin Crossley Holland is an exciting, fast paced historical story about a Viking girl in search of father. One day, Solvieg’s father, Halfdan, shows her a blackened battlefield and tells her how he will one day go to rejoin Harald Hardrada, who is leader of the Empress’s guard in Miklagard and Halfdan’s close friend. Next morning Halfdan has gone, leaving for Miklagard, and breaking her heart as well as his promise to take Solvieg with him. So she decides to follow him. Taking her father’s miniscule boat, she sets off on an epic journey across a seemingly endless sea. She meets many different people: from a slave girl to a Russian king, but will Solvieg ever find Halfdan? My favourite character in the whole book is Solvieg. It isn’t because she’s a main character, it’s because her affection for her father so clearly shows through and you really feel what she’s feeling, almost as if you are her twin. I think this book, as well as being a detailed and fascinating historical novel, shows that love is limitless and courage is rewarding. Thank you Kevin Crossley-Holland, for writing such a gripping and beautiful novel.

    3 March 2012

  • A great book, it is very powerful and well written. It has a great storyline and you are never bored by it, with constant twist and turns in the plot. A good book, i would urge you to read this ! I would recommend for ages 12+

    2 March 2012

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  • Awards

    Kevin Crossley-Holland won the Guardian and Nestle Smarties prizes for The Seeing Stone and the Carnegie Medal for Storm.

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