All reviews for Jinx: The Wizard’s Apprentice

  1. liked it

    When Jinx and his – not very nice- stepdad go of the urwald path and meet a wizard, the next thing Jinx knew was that he was now living with a wizard, as his slave. After he realised the wizards name was Simon and that he has a wife from another part of the underworld called Samra he became more interested in magic and exploring.

    When Jinx met Simons wife, Sophie, he had the courage to ask Simon if he could be taught magic and when he got the reply of okay Jinx felt a new lease of life had come over him. After living with Simon and occasionally Sophie, although she would never stay over night, for a few years he become to realise that Simon had been working on a spell which obviously meant something important to him.

    It had been a few weeks since Jinx realised about the spell and Simon had drew symbols on the ground of the workplace and the next day told Jinx to stand there, Jinx did as he was told and Simon said a spell. Jinx got lifted up and went through the ceiling to the sky but then he saw his body on the ground with a smoke swirling around him and Simon putting the smoke in a green bottle! This carried on for about 5 minutes until he floated down and felt him self going back inside his own body. He felt himself properly when Simon offered him a drink and something to eat then it dawned on him that Simon did a spell to take a very important part of Jinx’s life off him, it’s was Jinx’s own power – a power where he could read minds. As he confronted Simon about what he did Sophie walked through the door, ( Sophie thought magic shouldn’t be used under any circumstances) well Jinx told Sophie about what Simon had done to him she was not pleased. She went to see Simon and a squabble became a huge argument and led to jinx leaving Simons castle. Simon was not happy about this but thought Jinx should be independent so he gave Jinx a special yellow bird to keep him safe. Jinx packed his bags then left. On his way he got robbed by a boy who came from another part of the underworld. They argued but then became close friends as they were walking they met a girl called Elfywin she was wandering in the forest to see her grandma, Dame Glammer, Jinx recognised this name then remembered that it was Simons close friend. They decided to walk with Elfywin. They were walking for several days. When they actually met Dame Glammer Jinx realised he needed to see the most wicked of wizards of all . . . The bonemaster if he was ever going to get his power back. He told the others about the idea and since he was the ‘wizards apprentice’ they agreed with him. Many days were spent and once they finally got to the bonemasters place the bonemaster was there to greet them. He made them go inside and made them slaves at his home for several days. Will they ever escape?!?!

    I think this story was very good, every chapter created suspense. I also liked it because it gives you a real feel of what the characters are going through, this is created through the vivid descriptions that paints a clear picture in your head. The storyline was interesting and varied making you want to keep turning the page.

    A good book for the 11 – 13 age group.

    Charlotte, aged 11

    4 February 2014