My Adorable Owl Journal

Quiz and fill-in fun for you and your besties. Top secret? Or too adorable not to share? This padded journal has a lock and key to keep it secret. There’s only one problem – it’s so gorgeous you’ll want to show it to everyone. On the outside: the cutest baby owl you’ve ever seen. On the inside: quizzes, facts, tips, doodles, activities and fill-in space to record your life. (Plus lots of pretty owls, of course.) Fancy doing a personality quiz? Making lists of your favourite things? Adopting a baby owl? This is where to come.

  • Ultra-cute journal packed with adorable owls
  • Includes quizzes, recipes, lists and lots more
  • Tell all about your life in cool fill-in sections
  • Decorate the pretty pages with your own doodles

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