Anthony McGowan Pair

A top author keeps it short and tough in these gritty growing-up tales. Punchy and darkly poetic. In Brock, Nicky finds scary bully Jezbo digging up a badger set. It seems safer not to get involved. But when Nicky finds an escaped badger cub, will he stand up to Jezbo’s gang? In The Fall, Mog isn’t exactly what you’d call socially gifted. He clings to the social fringe by a fine thread. His new friendship with Chris seems like a life-saver. But is it? Storming quick reads with knock-out impact – and they’re dyslexia friendly.

  • Brilliantly tense, taut quick reads by Anthony McGowan
  • Anthony’s Henry Tumour won the Booktrust Teenage Prize
  • This pack includes the Carnegie Medal longlisted Brock
  • Intense, compelling fiction with built-in dyslexia support

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