Calendar Club Pair

It’s not easy being a full-time super-sleuth at the same time as going to school and tackling homework. There’s no rest for Casey, Dottie and Leon, the three daring detectives of the Calendar Club, who solve mysteries all year round! These three best friends love getting to the bottom of tricky cases in their town but are quickly distracted when their dream of a white Christmas comes true. But when they find suspicious footprints in the picture-perfect snow they must don their detective hats once more to discover if what they fear is true – that Bigfoot has come to Fruitvale for a snow day! Soon after, love is in the air for all but one on Valentine’s Day as the trio try to catch a sneaky Valentine’s Day thief. These two seasonal sensations feature bonus puzzles, games and trivia that will train you up to become the ultimate detective – soon you’ll be setting up a Calendar Club of you own!

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