CoderDojo Nano: Create with Code - Build Your Own Website

Ninja your coding with CoderDojo: the cool global club that turns coding into a game. Fancy building your own website? Easy! All you need is a computer and this book. (And a couple of mates.) First, get your Dojo Nano club up and running. Grab a buddy or two and gather round your screen. Then join the friendly Nanonauts as they make a website for their band. They’ll share their expert tips on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Your job: to listen, learn and have a go. Now you can create any website you like! PS – it’s not just boring basics. You’ll master all the ‘wow’ tweaks that make a website really special, from YouTube videos and Google maps to cool menus. Nice.

  • Learn to build amazing websites with CoderDojo
  • This free global coding club has taken off worldwide
  • Simple, fun and hands-on way to explore programming
  • Explores all the technical details in a fun context

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