Cut-Through Shapes Animal Pack x 4

Oh so adorable! Cute animal friends in sweetie-pie rhyming stories with sturdy shaped holes to poke and peek through. Are you a small person who is still new to reading? Well, the joy of these books is that they aren’t just about words. These darling animals will get you turning the pages and spotting the cutest surprises. Perfect even if you’re still too little to read the words. A few more reasons to love them. 1) They’re truly beautiful; as bright as a patchwork blanket, but way more cuddly. 2) You can poke your fingers through the holes while learning about simple shapes. 3) Each book has simple rhymes that take you on a journey into wonder. Perfect for rock-a-bye storytime or tuck-me-in time.

  • Adorable board books with shaped cutaway peepholes
  • Simple rhyming stories featuring cute animal friends
  • Explore shapes including hearts, stars and circles
  • Charming stories set in a childlike world of wonder

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