DK Readers: Innovation Pair

To dream. To discover. To explore, learn and create. What higher purpose can humans aspire to? If you feel the same way, take a look inside these books, full of simple words to read – and great discoveries to get you inspired. What would it be like to set sail, long before the days of engines and Satnavs, to reach an unknown shore? There are no maps – you’re making the map! Discover the tales of famous explorers such as Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, or the brave American aviator Amelia Earhart. Then it’s time to check out great scientific milestones made by women, including the first computer program and the first woman in space!

  • Inspiring readers that celebrate innovation and discovery
  • Accessible text for growing readers at DK Levels 2-3
  • A wonderful way to inspire kids about STEAM subjects
  • Includes female and BAME pioneers in each topic area

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