Diary of a Fly

Chuckles from the bestselling author of Click Clack Moo. Do you dream of being a superhero? Well, so does Fly. Unlike us mere mortals, Fly can walk on walls and see in all directions at once. And, of course, fly. We reckon she’s got exactly what it takes. But will this story agree? Find out in Fly’s school diary – a scrapbook of funny photos, fridge notes, cartoon strips and doodles. There are flight classes, accidents and regurgitated school dinners. Plus a daft giggle on every page. Genius!

  • A funny picture book tale about an unusual superhero
  • By the no 1. bestselling creators of Diary of a Worm
  • Cool, witty and energetic, with an inspiring message
  • Encourages children to develop a can-do attitude

“Irresistible and undeniably super.” Publishers Weekly

“A lively layout that has a comic-book vibe… Hilarious.” School Library Journal

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  • Awards

    Doreen Cronin’s awards include a 2001 Caledcott Honor Award for Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type.

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