Drama Diaries: Unfamous

Becoming famous is such a drama! This group of passionate performers is just desperate to achieve celeb status. But it’s tough when no one’s eyes are on you! These dramatic divas have got a long way to go until they can consider themselves stars – no matter how much these girls pose and preen, they can’t seem to draw any attention to themselves. It’s time for a plan more dreamy, dramatic and dastardly than even these drama queens have thought up before.

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  • loved it

    i have not read this book but I read the first one called unscripted and it was amazing! it was sooo good but im not gonna spoil it for you I mean I really want to read this. I don’t like it I love it and I ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO READ THIS ONE!

    19 March 2015

  • liked it

    well i havent read it but it looks and sounds awesome cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!

    13 March 2013

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