Emma is On the Air Pack x 3

Do you love: solving mysteries? Tracking down news? Telling people all about it? So does Emma Perez, mini news reporter! Emma knows exactly what she wants to do when she grows up. But actually, why even wait till she grows up? Her life is full of cool stuff that people want to hear about right now! There’s the gross worm in Javier’s lunchbox. The missing outfit for the costume party. The strange case of the Thanksgiving drum… Gossip queen. Mystery-buster. Newshound. Storyteller. Being a reporter lets you be them all.

  • Written by Emmy Award-winning reporter Ida Siegal
  • Witty chapter books about a girl’s journey into journalism
  • Charming, aspirational mysteries with appealing pictures
  • Bouncy, tenacious Emma is a wonderful role model

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