Evacuee: A Real-Life World War ll Story

A girl’s true story of bombs and the Blitz, based on first-hand experience. This book shows the war from a kid’s point of view, with lots of interesting photos. Being young can be tough, right? Yucky school dinners. Homework. Sharing the remote control. But spare a thought for poor British kids in World War II, who had things even worse. If they weren’t flattened by bombs, they were packed off to a strange new life in the country. A new family. Food rations. Gas masks. The blackout. And homework too. Wish you were there? See what it was really like.

  • A story of wartime life told by a real former evacuee
  • Jan Pollard is also an award-winning children’s author
  • Fascinating black and white photos of wartime Britain
  • An authentic account which has received much acclaim

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