Fleabag Monkeyface: When Earwax Attacks

WARNING! This is not a book for lovers of fairies or ponies, or for people who need a sick-bag whenever they see something disgusting. But if you want the gross-out ride of a lifetime, read on!

Gerald and Gene love all things horrible. So when their favourite TV show, Yucky Science, runs a competition to find the world’s grossest gloop, they mix up the most disgusting potion they can. But when lightning strikes their revolting concoction, a strange new creature is born out of the wreckage: Fleabag Monkeyface! With his incredible gross-out powers, Fleabag quickly becomes Gerald and Gene’s best friend. But can he save the day during a terrifying earwax attack? Snort-out-loud humour from author-illustrator team Knife and Packer, of Private Eye fame!

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    7 June 2012

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