Ghost Buddy #2: Mind if I Read Your Mind?

It’s time for the Moorepark Middle School annual Speak Out Challenge, and Billy Broccoli thinks he’s got it made. With his best friend Hoover Porterhouse – aka the Hoove, the ghost with the most – by his side, Billy’s got the competition in the bag. Who wouldn’t vote for a mind reading show? But when Billy lands a spot on his class team, he starts spending more time with his new teammates than with the Hoove. And the Hoove plays second fiddle to no one! If Billy isn’t careful, his secret weapon might just vanish into thin air… leaving Billy to pick up the pieces of a demonstration day disaster!

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    9 November 2012

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  • Photo of Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

    Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

    Everyone knows Henry Winkler as The Fonz from TV’s Happy Days but did you know that he’s also an acclaimed children’s book author for his Hank Zipzer and Ghost Buddy series, co-written with writer/producer Lin Oliver?


    In 2011 Henry Winkler was awarded an OBE for his services to children’s literacy.

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