Grimms' Fairy Tales

Great for dark nights! THE classic tales of eerie woods, big bad wolves and wicked witches. Spook out! How well do you know your fairy tales? Modern retellings are all the rage. But now and again it’s great to go back to the originals, like these celebrated classics set down by the Brothers Grimm. (Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and all the rest.) The characters might be familiar, but these probably aren’t the versions you remember from your childhood bedtime stories. They’re darker and much spookier. They often don’t end very happily. But we promise you, they’re way more interesting…

  • The original classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm
  • Discover the original stories collected from folklore
  • Romantic, spooky, dark – not the usual Disney versions
  • Must-know stories that have shaped our cultural heritage

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