Grimmtastic Girls #6: Goldilocks Breaks In

Good or EVIL? Goldie must choose! Once upon a time, in faraway Grimmlandia, Goldilocks is trying to fit in at a very magical school. She’s really keen to make friends at Grimm Academy. And then she’s invited to join EVIL – the school’s villainous secret society. It’s nice to be asked. Goldie can’t help feeling tempted. But she doesn’t want to be a baddie. (That affair with the porridge was bad enough.) Can Goldie sneak into the secret society and stop its bad deeds? First she’ll have to get past three angry bears…

  • A best-loved fairy tale heroine in a magical new story
  • By the bestselling author of Goddess Girls
  • Good vs evil at a school for fairytale characters
  • Perfect for younger fans of Ever After High

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