Guess With Jess: Pocket Library

Meet Jess the cat and all his farmyard friends: Mimi the rabbit, Baa the lamb, Willow the pony, and Joey and Jinx, the adorable twin puppies! A lovely boxed set of first mini books from the TV series starring a very distinctive black-and-white cat! Jess the Cat is loved across the world as the feline co-star of the TV show Postman Pat. Now follow the adventures of Jess and his gang of animal friends as they play and explore in the idyllic surroundings of their home, Greendale Farm, learning all about nature and the world around them!

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    a couple of years ago when i was sorting through my shelves i found this little collection of books. i loved postman at as a child becausE his cat was called jess, like me, i read through them and thought they were quite charming even to me now!

    27 February 2011

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