Guinness World Records 2018

Simple as: the king of crazy trivia. Makes all the rest look like total wimps. Fill those lazy hours. Welcome to the only place you can find out how to fight off a crocodile with a rubber band, and meet a vicar so strong he can pull a jumbo jet. This epic book is stuffed with the usual brain-boggling records, photos and data – but this year there’s also a cool new section on superheroes. And not just the fictional sort! Who is the strongest comic-strip hero? Who’d win a royal rumble between Superman, Batman, Hulk and Dr Strange? And where can you meet a real-life cyborg?

  • All-new edition of the world’s bestselling record book
  • Thousands of mind-boggling records, photos and feats
  • Amazing new infographic poster pages of superlatives
  • Cool new section about superheroes in fiction and fact

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