Hilde Cracks the Case Pack x 4

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when there’s Hilde? This little girl is one smart cookie. Best of all, guess what? She’s not just a story character! Nope: Hilde is a real girl too! She started out following her dad, a journalist for the New York Daily News. Soon she was reporting on crime stories and publishing her own newspaper, the Orange Street News! So what’s it like to be Hilde? Find out in these cool stories, based on real cases that Hilde has reported on. From rampaging bears to UFOs, you’ll be amazed and inspired…

  • Exciting detective fiction starring a real-life heroine
  • Hilde reported on her first major crime aged just nine
  • She writes and publishes her own newspaper for kids
  • Stories based on real crimes that Hilde has covered

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