Hip and Hop: You Can Do Anything

Don’t say no! Give it a go! Dare to follow your dreams with hip-hop legend Akala. Hip is a rhyming hippo who wears a red jumpsuit. Hop is a little blue bird who (usually) loves to dance. But right now, Hop is feeling sad. He can bust a move, but he can’t ride a bike! ‘You CAN do it!’, says Hip. ‘Don’t let anybody tell you no. Focus on your dreams and go!’ And after a false start or two, Hop learns that you can do anything, if you keep trying and stick with it…

  • A joyful rhyming picture book by hip-hop artist Akala
  • Akala’s witty rap verses make this a treat to read aloud
  • Playful, vibrant illustrations brimming with positivity
  • Inspiring message of perseverance and achieving dreams
  • Introduces an irresistible duo of hip-hop-loving buddies

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