Hold Fast

Walk the snowy streets of Chicago with Early as she seeks answers about her father’s fate. Where is he? Why did he go? A book to break your heart. Early’s father has disappeared. Something must be wrong. He’s not the kind of father who would just run away. All she knows is, he’s gone. That leaves her family in trouble: forced to leave their home and move into a city shelter. Clues rise up out of the darkness, giving patterns and rhythms to the mystery. But Early seems to be the only one who’s looking for the truth. On the frozen midwinter streets, she sets out to find him. Early; be careful. Hold fast…

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  • Blue Balliett

    Blue Balliett is the author of the fantastic Chasing Vermeer.


    Blue is a recipient of the Chicago Public Library’s 21st Century Award, the first time the award was given to a children’s book writer.

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