Horrid Henry’s Wedding (Early Reader)

Yeeks. Henry as a pageboy. The thought is so awful it makes us break out in hives. He’s offended the Queen. He’s made his teachers cry. So who thought it would be a good idea to let Henry loose on a happy couple’s wedding day? Francesca Simon and Tony Ross, that’s who. And they’ve added in loads of colour pictures to make it even funnier. Brides beware. Being a pageboy in green satin knickerbockers is so not Henry’s style. Ugh. Wormy worm Peter can’t wait, of course. But if Henry is forced to take part, he’ll make it the worst wedding EVER. Make sure you’re on the guest list.

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  • Photo of Francesca Simon

    Francesca Simon

    Francesca Simon is the creator of tiny terror and huge bestseller Horrid Henry!


    Francesca has won many awards including the Children’s Book of the Year for Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman at the British Book Awards in 2008.

  • Tony Ross

    Multi-award-winning Tony Ross has become one of the best-known creators of original and traditional picture books and his work has been published all over the world. As well as his own books, he has illustrated books for authors such as Roald Dahl, Paula Danziger and Michael Palin.


    Tony Ross has won a number of awards for illustration, including the Dutch Silver Paintbrush Award for the best illustrations by a foreign artist.

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