Hound Dog True

“Do not let a mop sit overnight in water. Fix things before they get too big for fixing.”

Timid fifth-grader Mattie Breen writes down everything. She has just one week to convince Uncle Potluck to take her on as his custodial apprentice before school starts. As his apprentice, she’ll have important work to do during lunch and break time… work that will keep her safely away from other fifth-graders. All she wants is to find some friends who understand her dreams and her massive imagination. But when Mattie’s plans come crashing down, she ends up with a friend who is hound dog true.

“Internal drama, compelling characters, and Mattie’s strong voice propel the story of learning to do ‘a small brave thing’.” Booklist

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  • i want this book i will order it at my school

    LOL !!

    6 February 2013

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