How to Draw Crazy Machines

How many extraordinary machines can you imagine? Well – that’s exactly how many you can draw! Robots, vehicles, cool gadgets and flying machines: the engine is your creativity. Put it into gear! Bursting with ideas and inspiration for awesomely inventive machines, this drawing book lets you get to the drawing board and start designing the gadgets of the future. From clocks to rock guitars, you’ll get to see inside loads of familiar crazy machines, seeing how they work and learning step-by-step ways to draw them. But that’s just the start, because the coolest inventions you can draw and make are your very own!

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    this i want

    17 April 2013

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    A fun book that helps you to draw lots of different machines. I liked the rocket the best.

    9 March 2013

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    5 March 2013

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