Jiggy's Genes: Jiggy the Vampire Slayer

Though centuries past, there have always been Jiggy’s – boys with a gift for causing chaos everywhere they go. Just look into the past and meet Jiggy’s ancestors to see! You might have thought Jiggy had already had his share of magical bad luck. But worse is to come when, on a visit to the bats’ enclosure at the local Zoological Gardens, he is spat on by one of the blood-sucking vampire bats! Now he is a target for other vampires everywhere – including a terrifying arch-vampire with a taste for young boys’ blood. Can our hapless historical hero fight them off?

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  • loved it

    Hillarious and unexpected. Read this book!

    1 July 2012

  • i always see these books in my classroom and i so want to read them

    13 February 2012

  • loved it

    i find this book rely good

    11 February 2011

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  • Photo of Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence is best known for the hilarious Jiggy McCue series.


    Michael Lawrence won the Stockton Book Award for The Killer Underpants and the Solihull Children’s Book of the Year for Nudie Dudie.

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