Jiggy's Genes: Jiggy's Magic Balls

Ever wondered where a boy with as much magical bad luck as Jiggy came from? Look into the past and meet his ancestors to see! In Jiggy’s Genes, a ridiculously funny new series, you’ll find out that through centuries past, there have always been Jiggys! In this first adventure, a fifteenth-century Jiggy meets a dodgy lawyer called Merlin and a down-at-heel pickpocket called Arthur. In these long-ago days before Ranting Lane School and the Jiggy we know and cringe at today, what humiliating traumas will befall our hapless historical hero?

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  • okay

    Not the best Jiggy McCue book but still great. Joins up to a couple of other books with clues about the piddle pond.

    1 July 2012

  • loved it

    Histerical 10000000000 stars out of 10

    23 January 2012

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    Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence is best known for the hilarious Jiggy McCue series.


    Michael Lawrence won the Stockton Book Award for The Killer Underpants and the Solihull Children’s Book of the Year for Nudie Dudie.

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