Jurassic Survival Guide

The dinos are coming! Get ready or get eaten. (It’s your call.) Newsflash: humans may soon be extinct. That includes YOU. Unless you read this. Since frozen dino eggs hatched out in the Everglades, the human race has been living on borrowed time. These invasive giants will be in your district soon. How can you survive a dino attack? Find out! Escape strategies. Dino profiles. Weapons. Quizzes. Traps. The top 10 deadliest dinos to avoid. Survival facts for the dino invasion. Get ready while you still can. (Ripped to shreds is so not a good look.)

  • 128 colour pages of dino profiles and survival tips
  • Learn how to fight back when the dinosaurs attack!
  • Sturdy colour hardback with a lenticular 3D cover
  • Exciting mix of science fiction, dino facts and fun

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