King Flashypants and the Toys of Terror

Daft laughs with a king of funny fiction! Ruthless rivals, evil toys: who knew being a king would be this hard? King Edwin is a lucky kid. He has almost everything he wants. You know: a throne, a suit of armour and a castle with secret passages. Jealous yet? But he’s also got something he doesn’t want: a totally evil rival! Now something odd is happening. The horrible Emperor Nurbison is being really, weirdly nice. He’s doing stuff like smiling, and making toys of himself for the peasants. Is he up to something? Probably. But what?

  • Hilarious young fantasy fiction with brilliant cartoons
  • By Emmy-winning cartoonist and screenwriter Andy Riley
  • Andy wrote the script for BBC One’s Gangsta Granny
  • “Brilliantly original and hilarious” – David Walliams

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