Ladybird: I'm Ready... for School!

Ready yet? You will be with this big book of all the stuff you need to know. Start on top! The first day at school is a big moment. Maybe you’re a bit nervous. Or maybe you’re really excited, and can’t wait to peek through the gates! Either way, this bumper Ladybird book will help you prepare and count down. It’s full of useful things you need to know: the ABC and 123, seasons, parts of the body, jobs people do and more. But what is school actually like? Find out what to expect. No nasty surprises: have a big day full of big fun!

  • Must-know facts and concepts for the first school year
  • A reassuring and fun-filled preview of school life
  • Full of beautiful pictures to look at and talk about
  • Prepares children emotionally and intellectually

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