Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Pack x 4

Aliens? Crocodiles? Hungry foxes? Don’t be scared – but DO laugh very loudly! How many ways can you laugh? There’s a shy behind-your-hand giggle. A nervous titter, or a sudden snort. But the kind of laugh we’re going for in THIS silly pack is a huge, loud, can’t-hold-it-in roar! So… what makes you laugh loudest? Will it be the princess with a passion for motorbikes? The aliens trying to figure out how human babies behave? The scary crocodile who secretly wears false teeth? Or the cunning fox in a chicken disguise?

  • Fantastic funnies to get kids hooting with laughter
  • Top classics like Dr Xargle and Princess Smartypants
  • Hilariously cheeky, imaginative, colourful stories
  • A great way to show little ones that books are fun

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