Littlest Pet Shop: Friendship Fun Sticker Book

Having fun on your own is great. But having fun with Blythe and all her pet pals is even more great! So get started! In this adorable sticker playbook, you’ll get to hang out with all the Littlest Pet Shop’s cuddly buddies. Accessorize the pets with cute outfits. (Careful – Russell can be fussy.) Find your way out of tricky mazes. Decide which pet you think is cutest. It’s a tough call! All the fun of having a whole shop full of pets, without any complaints from Mum. We’re sold.

  • Super-cute activity book with over 175 stickers
  • Explore Blythe’s world and meet her cute pet buddies
  • Stimulating puzzles and games to get children thinking
  • Heartwarming message of friendship and tolerance

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