Mermaids to the Rescue #2: Lana Swims North

Be brave and keep the seas safe! Princess Lana loves being at school with the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew, but she has a hard time speaking up in class. Deep down, she wonders – what if she’s too timid to be a rescue mermaid? Then Lana meets another misfit: a funny horned creature named Spike. And when it turns out that he’s a narwhal who needs help finding his way back to the Arctic, Lana offers to swim along with him. The Northern Seas are full of cool adventures that take Lana’s mind off her school worries. But when an emergency hits, will Lana find her voice? Or will she freeze up just when it matters most?

  • From a fabulous new series – mermaids, magic and danger
  • By the author of the popular Enchanted Pony Academy books
  • All about facing challenges, being brave and doing your best
  • Short fiction that builds fluency, for fans of Rainbow Magic

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