Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

Tips from Notch himself. The box set every game-savvy kid wants. Build like a master. Play like a giant. Yup: it’s the boxed block-by-block guide to the world’s biggest game. Four stunningly crafted colour hardbacks: the only thing we sell that might save your life today. Destroying hostile mobs. Creating genius builds. Using redstone. Dominating combat. You can go in blind. Or buy the handbook collection. Be the boss.

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  • loved it

    i have read all the hanbooks books and there really great books!

    7 February 2015

  • liked it

    a great read if you are into minecraft like me! it has guides to make stuff and all my freinds really enjoy it even though we are girls.it is also good for beginers as it teaches you how to make and create new and exciting things and maybe fight a few creepers on the way!

    6 October 2014

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