Murder in Midwinter

How pretty is that gorgeous wintry cover? It’s just too bad that the pristine snow might soon be stained with blood. Turn up the heating and lock all the doors. It’s time to shiver in the most delicious way! It all starts in London, a few days before Christmas. Maya is sitting on the top deck of a bus in crowed Regent Street. Below, a couple are arguing violently. As Maya looks down, they look up. She’s been seen. Oh well, so what…? But when the woman vanishes and a body turns up, the police say Maya is a key murder witness. The man she saw is after her. She’s got to hide. Rural Wales seems the perfect place – especially when a blizzard cuts her aunt’s farm off. Now Maya is snowed in. But is the killer snowed out…?

  • The ultimate Christmas murder mystery – snowy, tense and wintry
  • By the acclaimed author of Dear Scarlett and Bus Stop Baby
  • Thrillingly addictive crime drama in a gorgeous snowy setting
  • “Impossible to put down …. about as good as it gets” – Bookbag

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  • Great story, original way to design the murder and witness well explained 9.5/10 VERY Good

    13 April 2018

  • loved it

    Every page in this book held something more exciting and new! It was a great read, I loved it so much!

    15 January 2018

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