My Family and Other Freaks

Danielle lives with the family from hell. Her parents are so scruffy that their car bonnet is a different colour to the rest of the car. Worst of all, they’re still in love, complete with public displays of affection – which is totally gross considering how ancient they are! And if her family life is awful, Danielle’s love life seems no less doomed. Especially when she takes her dog Simon to the park to show him off in front of gorgeous Damien – and a public poop scoop accident lands her with the nickname ‘Dench the Stench’! Could things get any worse? Yes – they could! Simon is taken away when he’s accused of biting children, and then Mum announces that she’s pregnant. Eeek! Now the mean kids at school have even more ammunition to make fun of her. Can she survive her super-embarrassing life against these impossible odds?

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