My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

A free model, activity pages and a story about the bravest ever pony. Don’t you dare miss it. This magical adventure comes with your very own pop-up Rainbow Dash figure. Plus bonus activity pages full of puzzles and games. Rainbow Dash adores the Daring Do book series. (Just like we love this one.) She’s really proud of how loyal she is. To prove she’s the ultimate fan, she wants to show her friends that she can be just as brave and daring as her hero in the books. But Twilight Sparkle and the others are worried. Just how daring should one pony be?

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  • loved it

    OMG!!! So funny and cute and a bit emotional sometimes but I loved it for any MLP fan you’ll see where it relates to the the ‘Mysterious Mare Do Well’ episode. Another good MLP book I love the way G. M. Berrow writes them and how she really makes them like their characters! Can’t wait to read the next one: Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity!

    17 March 2015

  • Liked this book it is brill.

    29 October 2014

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