No, David! Pack x 3

Have you met David? He’s a little handful. Somehow, he just can’t stay out of trouble. He jumps on the furniture, picks his nose, scribbles on walls and floods the bathroom. This means two words – ‘No, David!’ – are always on his mother’s lips! In this pack you’ll find the first classic story about David, along with two more cheeky tales. Chuckle as David’s big brother and unlucky teacher are forced to say ‘No, David!’ too!

  • The classic David story plus two comical sequels
  • Hilarious tales with a touching, reassuring message
  • Explores universal aspects of a toddler growing up
  • No, David! is a bestselling Caldecott Honor book

“David is a small, snaggle-toothed piehead whose mischief – for those who don’t have to clean up after him – is nothing short of exhilarating.” Kirkus Reviews

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