Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival

Indulge your owl addiction and chuckle like mad at the same time. Eva’s colour diary is a hoot – and now it comes with a gorgeous free necklace! We all love owls. But what’s it like to actually be one? Find out in the secret diary of Eva Wingdale: an owl whose life isn’t a million miles from your own. (Apart from living in a treehouse, of course.) Eva’s hobbies? Chatting on her Pinecone phone, hanging out with friends, going to tree parties and drawing in this book. Her not-hobbies? Dealing with the meanie owl from school!

  • Includes a beautiful free owl necklace
  • By a top writer/artist who has won several awards
  • Beautiful colour pictures all the way through
  • Simple chapter reading which builds stamina

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